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An asset recovery company located in Hollywood, Florida specializing in locating unclaimed cash assets, dormant checks, and unclaimed funds. These assets may belong to financial institutions, credit unions, large and small corporations, government agencies, heirs of estates, or private individuals. Our goal is to recover these assets securely to their rightful owners without any risk to them.

Why choose us ? 

Why choose us?

We operate on a contingency format.*
We do NOT require an up-front fee.
We do NOT ask our clients for personal information, such as Social Security Numbers.
We never possess our client's recovered funds. The client's portion will be disbursed directly from the source or from a reputable attorney's trust account eliminating any chance of fraud.
* We ONLY get paid when successfully recovering your monies.In the event, there are no funds obtained; no costs or fees will be required from our clients. ARS is responsible for all fees and costs associated with the claim.
About us ? 

About us

Anh Davies - Principal and Managing Member
Anh obtained her undergraduate degree in Finance from Florida Atlantic University with background in Computer Science. Prior to her graduation, Anh owned and operated Solar Smart World Inc. where she was able to help homeowners achieve an average of 30% utility savings by utilizing green energy system powered by the sun. Subsequently, the homeowners were able to receive Federal Tax Credits and State of Florida Solar Rebates as an incentive to shift from the power grid. In 2012, Anh and her husband, Dan together founded Asset Recovery Services LLC. Much of Asset Recovery Services requires collaborative research including investigating file information and locating potential claimants. According to Anh, her highest satisfaction is being able to help clients recover funds they didn’t know existed.


Dan Davies - Claims manager
Dan has been residing in South Florida since 1968 after his family moved from upstate New York. Prior to the inception of Asset Recovery Services, he assisted his clients navigating through the complexities of a real estate transaction as a licensed real estate agent. Dan’s real estate capacity grew and so did his desire to help people. After many successes in closing real estate transactions, he strategically helped investors acquire distressed properties and homeowners obtain relief from their defaulted mortgage burdens by negotiating a win-win option for homeowners to escape a foreclosure. Dan now finds the same gratification and inspirational motivation by helping each and every one of his clients at ARS recover what is rightfully theirs.

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Lender Services

Asset Recovery Services (“ARS”) has focused on the changes that have taken place in our financial markets. Financial assets were lost or misplaced because of corporate mergers, acquisitions, name changes, asset sales, bankruptcies, FDIC takeovers/shut downs.

lender services recover recovery process auction monitoring surplus calculation title research investigation determine price claim processing

An Actual Foreclosure Scenario:

This is an actual and simple foreclosure scenario of a certain property sold by the 1st mortgage holder who was the plaintiff in the foreclosure action.
1: Auction Monitoring

The property was sold at the Auction with the Plaintiff being the 1st mortgage holder.

2: Surplus Calculation

After the foreclosure auction, the surplus balance of $40,000.00 was placed in Court Registry.

3: Title Research

Our title search showed 3 parties eligible for the surplus: the 2nd mortgage holder, the HOA and the Homeowner.

4: Examination - Determine Priority of Liens

1. The 2nd mortgage has the highest priority of lien right but did not positively respond to the foreclosure action.
2. HOA answered the foreclosure action and had timely filed its claim.
3. Homeowner.

5: Claim Processing

The 2nd mortgage holder has a highest priority of lien right but did not answer to the foreclosure action. If the 2nd mortgage claim is “NOT TIMELY FILED”, only the remaining two parties could petition for the surplus. Leaving the Homeowner as the sole beneficiary of the surplus after deducting any HOA’s claim.


ARS will notify the 2nd mortgage holder and TIMELY FILE a claim for surplus/excess proceeds on their behalf.

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